NORFIL Foundation Inc. continues to spearhead an active multi-stakeholder engagement in its mission of helping children and youth with disability gain equal opportunities in society through active promotion of parent empowerment.


In line with this, the organization is actively conducting the Family Involvement and Empowerment Training in Cebu. It is the major training program for parents of children and youth with disability and is a component of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program for children and youth with disabilities.

 This program is aimed at reaching out to families of children with disabilities to better equip them with knowledge and techniques and eventually involve them in the rehabilitation of their children. CBR’s main features are the empowerment of parents, the involvement of the family and the community in the rehabilitation process and the inclusion of children and youth with disability in schools and mainstream society.

Cebu is one of the two provinces in the country where NORFIL Foundation is implementing its CBR Program, the other one being  Oriental Mindoro.  For Batangas province where CBR was implemented for 10 years, the organization has successfully turned over the project to AKAPIN Batangan while continuing to provide technical assistance.

FOR NEWS - NORFIL Cebu CBR Training  - Mr Caldino of Akapin Sugbo leads the discussionThe training on Understanding Disability and the Role of Parents in Rehabilitation was conducted in Oslob, Cebu last August 13, 2013.  The training was facilitated by social worker Ms. Arianne Huelva and Mr. Caldino of AKAPIN Sugbo.  The aim was for the parents to understand the concept of disability, the psycho-social stages, the rights of children with disability and what the roles are of parents especially in appropriately responding to the various needs of their children with disability.

Likewise, the series of Parent Effectiveness and Group Development Training was held last August 2013 in the municipalities of Boljoon, Samboan and Oslob in Cebu.  The training is meant for parents to develop their skills in effectively communicating their views and concerns on the rehabilitation program and for them to understand the use and purpose of group formation as an important tool in the program sustainability.

The active involvement of parents is a success indicator of any multi-stakeholder undertaking.   Once identified and accepted as part of the NORFIL Foundation CBR Program, the parents or guardians of the child or youth undergo orientation to better understand their roles in the rehabilitation of their children.  After this, a series of training on the basic concepts of rehabilitation, SPED, therapy and organizing are given to them.  The families also attend various community activities that serve to spread awareness and promote the rights of children and youth with disability.

FOR NEWS - NORFIL Cebu CBR Training  - parents of children and youth with disabilities share their ideas about the trainingTogether with NORFIL Foundation’s CBR Program partner in Cebu, AKAPIN Sugbo, several successes in the rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities in Cebu were achieved last year.  These include extending assistance to 76 youth with disability in finding employment while 743 children and youth with disability were integrated in regular schools.  Likewise, as of 2012, some 1,289 children and youth with disability continue to be served up to the present.